rprt’s leadership team has worked in numerous roles at all organizational levels including physician leadership, health information technology, human resources, contracting and negotiations, and finance. This experience, combined with a unique culture based on client service, high trust, and constant learning distinguishes rprt in the marketplace. 

Our Team

Duane Conners

Managing Partner & CEO

Former investment finance director and healthcare finance administrator with vast experience in the healthcare economy ranging from large heath systems to payers to innovators.


Jamie Bono

Managing Partner & CIO

Healthcare technology expert with experience building teams and technologies that create insights from data. He currently works with our clients to optimize their use of data and analytics.

Sarah Cuillo

Lead, Professional

Services & Operations


Stephen Butzler 

Lead, Data & Analytics


Andrew Siradas 


Cathy Comiskey

Account Executive 


Randy Thompson 

Business Analyst 


Eddie Garwol

Data Engineer

Mike Brown

Software Engineer