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Our Expertise

Our team and leadership have extensive experience designing and implementing technology and business strategies across several industries.  Architecting client solutions is a strong characteristic of our engagements and one that we pride ourselves on.  We have helped organizations with gaining efficiency and improving value through operations, finance, and risk management.


We leverage the versatility of the Microsoft technology stack to modernize and improve efficiency and security of your organization. We work to gain a complete understanding of your organization’s day to day and tailor an operational solution that will effortlessly replace or improve your current processes. In addition to proposing solutions we see best fit; we also work to provide your team the necessary training to advance adoption of your new environment along with continued support throughout your deployment and extended services to ensure you’re utilizing the environment to its full potential.

Managing Partner


Duane Conners,

Managing Partner & CEO

Team Leads


Sarah Cuillo

Lead, Operations and Professional Services 


Stephen Butzler

Lead, Data & Analytics 

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