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Every community faces the challenge of lining up their designated resources to helping their Community Members in need. Technology that is meant to aide in this mission ends up being a drag to community resources. Too often, individuals are tasked with managing a technological solution rather than doing what they do best, helping people.


(WellConnected) is a digital intake, referral, and shared information platform designed by and for its primary user base: healthcare adjacent social community organizations that are at the frontline of helping Community Members.


(WellConnected) is a single platform that enables:

  • cross agency collaboration and communication

  • tracking of Community Members across organizational boundaries and over time

  • best practice data collection methodologies and a shared data source

  • baseline data independent of grant cycles

(WellConnected) has the potential to also alleviate challenges faced by additional stakeholders

  • Healthcare systems that are looking to increase engagement with community based organizations to solve issues higher up food chain

  • Institutional donors that are looking to maximize efficiency of donor dollars

  • Local government agencies looking to understand baseline population need

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